5 Reasons We Love Social Media Platforms!


Yesterday I was wondering why I love social media so much and why most people are drawn to all these platforms and specially apps on their phones.

I realised that people are attached to their phones mainly because of social media apps and without them, their phones would be of no use. Just admit it peeps.

So, I have listed down below why I love social media platforms and why they are so helpful most of the time. I am sure you would agree with me too. I hope 🙂

1. Connecting with people!

One of the main reason we love social media is definitely to connect with people. Some connect with their families, friends and relatives and some just want the world to know them. It is a fact.

2. News alerts!

It is so easy now to stay updated with the news because everything is done with just a click on any social media. News travel faster on social media and the internet than anywhere else. So, why not! My most reliable social media for news alerts has to be Twitter.

3. what’s trending!

Another reason I personally love social media is because I can stay trendy! 😉 Nowadays, it is a trend to know what are the trending topics in the world. So, basically we need to know that right now, national kissing day is trending and we need to use this as a hashtag in our tweets. Fast peeps!

4. Easy apps to use!

Thankfully, the apps are easy to use and we have so many options and features to our liking. I remember the first time I created my Facebook account, I was so confused and nearly gave up. Ditto with Twitter but using their apps made it easier and better.

5. Promoting yourself or your business!

This might be the main reason why celebs and other public figures like to use social media platforms. Just promote yourself. I love it because I can share with you my new blog posts. Don’t forget, sharing is caring!



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