YOU are Awesome!


1. YOU are Unique.

We are all different and that’s what makes us unique. Nobody can ever be you. How awesome is that!

2. YOU can inspire others.


No matter what your story is about, it will inspire other people who are going through the same situation or looking for help. Never underestimate yourself. You never know how your story can be the reason for somebody to not giving up.

3. YOU mean something to someone.

Everyone means something to someone but you don’t feel it because you don’t see it. Now that I’ve told you this, you should feel awesome!

4. YOU are a friend.

The best part about you is that you can be a friend to someone. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend is a gift that you have for your whole life and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

5. YOU have dreams that only YOU can achieve.

The awesome thing about having dreams is that you are the only person who can make them happen with your own determination and perseverance. Nobody can take that from you. You dream, you take actions and you make it big.

I hope you know how awesome you are now.




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